How To Be Your Own Life Coach

A life coach can bring you many benefits, including putting you on the fast track to success. But have you ever considered the possibility of being your own life coach? Being the one that holds you accountable? Being the one that brings out the best in you? Yes, the best life coach just may be […]

How to Handle Difficult Conversations Gracefully

Effective communication is the cornerstone of great relationships. Whether you’re communicating with friends, family, coworkers, your partner, or even strangers, everything goes smoother with effective communication. You get more of what you want and the other party is happier too. Even difficult conversations – when handled with grace and composure – can be beneficial to […]

Strengthen Your Relationship by Nurturing Vulnerability

Relationships thrive on trust and respect, and vulnerability is an important component. Sharing such openness with your partner can make your relationship stronger and healthier. Try these tips to nurture a healthy vulnerability in your relationship: 1. Acknowledge your vulnerable side. Most of us tend to ignore our vulnerability or hide it. In a relationship, […]

Mid-Life Friendships: A Woman’s Guide

As you approach your forties and fifties, you may find that your friendships have dwindled away. It’s a big change from the days when you were attending school or raising young children. Then, you were surrounded by other students and parents eager to get together for study groups and birthday parties. Now, you may feel […]

11 Ways to Let Your Parents Know You Care

Now that you’re grown, you may have noticed that your relationship with your parents has changed. Even though you most likely don’t live with them anymore, there are always things you can do to maintain a close, positive connection. Try these ideas to enrich your relationship with your parents: 1. Keep in close contact with […]

Can Being a Little Selfish Enhance Your Life?

For as long as any of us can remember, we were told to share with others. Consideration for others was a common theme throughout childhood. Does that mean that being selfish is always wrong? Being selfish on occasion can be the best thing for you and your loved ones. There are several reasons that support […]