Eight Ideas For Getting Rid Of Unwanted Household Items

One day, you might realize that you simply own too many things and you’ve run out of room. Clutter can take over your home in a flash. Plus, it drains your mental energy and causes chaos to replace the peace that once filled your home. Instead of packing everything up and into storage, concentrate on […]

What To Do When You Don’t Know What You Want

We’ve all been there. It’s easy to get stuck when none of your options stand out. One job has better hours and more interesting work, but the other possibility offers a better salary. The best options may be less than obvious. Unfortunately, failing to make decisions in a timely matter can have negative repercussions. With […]

The Surprising Link Between Productivity And Happiness

What have you done today? What did you achieve yesterday? Do you take on a can-do spirit when you’re challenged? Or are you huddled up in your comfy chair deeply immersed in a movie or playing a game on your electronic device to avoid the challenge? How you make your way through an average day […]

The Precrastination Secret For Getting More Done

We all know about procrastination, the tendency to put things off. Precrastination is when we rush to get through something as quickly as possible. Both choices can cost us time and effort if we fail to approach our work rationally. In a recent study, students were asked to pick a bucket to carry across a […]

How to Survive Your Partner’s Layoff

Layoffs are one of the biggest challenges for a couple to handle. When your partner suffers this loss, it’s important for you to stay strong for both of you. How you react to the financial and emotional stresses that accompany your partner’s layoff can make a big difference in the future of your relationship. You […]

Manage Self-Talk And Improve Your Life

Self-talk is an integral constant in your life. You start talking to yourself when you wake up in the morning and don’t stop until you fall asleep at night. Who would’ve thought you had so much to say? Right? But you do. When self-talk is positive and helpful, amazing things can happen. When self-talk is […]