Using A Camcorder For Tape To DVD Transfer

Using a camcorder for tape to DVD transfer is really a very simple proposition. In fact, many people consider camcorder for tape to DVD transfer to be one of the simplest and easiest things to do with a camcorder these days.

It is really quite simple to do. Hook your VCR or your older, analog video tape camcorder up to your digital camcorder, connecting in the appropriate ports with the proper cables, and start the tape while your digital camcorder records tape to DVD. You are limited of course to real time during this camcorder tape to DVD transfer process because the older technology is limited.

You must allow the complete video tape to play, in real time. However, once you have recorded the tape onto your camcorder then it is digitized and you are able to proceed with the rest of the project at a much faster rate.

The next step will depend on the type of media that your camcorder uses to record. If your camcorder can record straight to DVD then you can use it to record the tape information directly. If not, then you need to continue your camcorder tape to DVD transformation by transferring the digital video images onto the hard drive of your computer. Once you have finished this part of the camcorder tape to DVD transfer process you can then save the digital images onto whatever media your computer has available. Hopefully it has a DVD burner device.

Use Your DVD Burner For Your Camcorder Tape To DVD Transfer

If it does have a DVD burner, then the rest is quite simple. This is a good time to do any editing that you might require. Then simply transfer the data onto the DVD. Make as many copies as you wish, since you own the data and the resulting copyright. If you do not own a DVD burner of course you can always transfer the data via email to a friend who does have a DVD burner and complete your camcorder tape to DVD project that way.

By using this method you can save your video images for posterity. Older analog video tape tends to lose color with age, and sometimes the tape becomes brittle and breaks. By storing it digitally you will always have it available and be able to watch it again and again.